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An image promoting the Kijiji application for iPhone.

Using an interface built for the iPhone, Kijiji users can now search local classified ads, reply to listings and post items with just a few simple taps while on the go. The Kijiji iPhone app makes it even easier to buy or sell everything from clothes to cars, find a job, adopt a pet, rent an apartment and do so much more, right from your iPhone.  Plus, it’s completely free. Available now on the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.

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How do I get it?
The Kijiji for iPhone application is available for download exclusively from the Apple App Store on your iPhone.
When will the application be available?
The Kijiji iPhone app is available now!
How much does the Kijiji for iPhone application cost?
It is free.
Help, I can't install the app!
Make sure you have updated your iPod Touch or iPhone to the latest software, then click the App Store icon and look for Kijiji.
I'm still having problems.
Visit Kijiji iPhone app help page. Check the FAQs and if you can't find your answer there, feel free to contact us!

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